Most reliable FPL assets

In our research, we have looked at players’ points from the last three seasons in order to identify the most reliable Fantasy Premier League assets – players capable of delivering FPL points on regular basis. 

Let’s right to it.

The most reliable players

Here is our full list of players. We only considered players that are regular starters for their teams, and only players that played in the last three seasons (except Pope, we calculated his average from 17/18, 19/20, 20/21 seasons).

To explain the columns:

AVG points per game – Average from points per game a player registered over the last three seasons (18/19, 19/20, 20/21)

Standard DEV – Standard deviation from points per game a player registered over the last three seasons

Expected points per 38 – Expected FPL points per 38 games (AVG points per game * 38)

Players are sorted by the average of their points per game over the last three seasons.


First, let’s take a look at most reliable FPL goalkeepers over the last three seasons.

FPL goalkeepers

We really like the look of Pope’s and Lloris’s average points over the last three seasons they played. If you are willing to invest more money in your goalkeeper, do not overlook these two. 

The standard deviation of Pope’s average points per game from last three seasons is very low, making him probably the most reliable goalkeeper in the game.

If you are looking for a cheaper option (4.5) than Pope or Lloris, consider Dubravka or Guaita. They are regularly scoring fewer points than more expensive options, but they are the best at a 4.5 m price point. 


Let’s move to reliable defenders in Fantasy Premier League

FPL defenders

It is no surprise to see a Liverpool trio up top. They scored a big amount of points in the last three seasons and were very reliable assets for our FPL teams in the last three seasons. 

However, they are pretty expensive. Players like Chilwell, Digne, Stones, Evans shouldn’t be overlooked either. Their output is stable (when they play), so do not overlook them when picking your FPL squad for new season.


FPL midfielders

No player has shown such reliability over the last three seasons as Mo Salah. He is as close to essential pick as possible and going without him into the new FPL season is a pretty big risk. 

Mahrez and Son should also be in considerations, especially if you would like to spread the money around your squad. 

From cheaper alternatives, Maddison, Zaha, and War-Prowse are able to deliver a solid amount of points on regular basis. 


We have a lot of choices among forwards this season. But who are the most reliable picks for our three precious forward spots?

FPL forwards

Kane, Vardy are both expensive FPL assets, but you get what you paid for – in this case, regular delivery of FPL points. 

Do not overlook Jimenez and Antonio – when they play, they deliver too. 

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