FPL GW8 Wildcard team

As we already mentioned, GW8 in Fantasy Premier League is ideal for the use of the first wildcard because:

  • We have 7 weeks of data about this season and we know which players are good budget picks
  • There is a lot of injuries
  • We have an international break, so there is a lot of time to tinker and a lot of space to catch price rises and built team value
  • Fixture swing

So, we are going to introduce our first wildcard team for GW8

However, there is one important thing we need to say before revealing our squad. Previous GW7 was a poor gameweek. But you cannot make the decision to wildcard based on just one bad gameweek. You need to have a big picture in mind when wildcarding.

A lot of good players that did not deliver in GW7 and disappointed a lot of mangers, are still great picks going forward. So, do not make a decision about them based on one bad gameweek, but consider all the gameweeks before, and, of course, the fixtures ahead.

Also, make sure you will take full advantage of the fixture swing – that you transfer out players that have horrible fixtures ahead and change them for those with a green sea of fixtures ahead. For example, getting rid of Manchester United players and bringing in Chelsea or Man City players.

GW8 Wildcard Team

Here is our GPL GW8 Wildcard team. It is just the first draft for your inspiration. We will make changes to this team and post them here.

FPL GW8 Wildcard Team
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