FPL GW5: Clean sheet odds and probabilities

We have seen plenty of goals so far in new Fantasy Premier League season and there is not a lot of clean sheets. In this article we will be looking at clean sheet odds for FPL GW5. Just a reminder, you can convert bookies odds into probabilities using our odds to probability calculator.

Clean sheet odds calculation for Fantasy Premier League GW5

You can find probabilities for GW5 calculated from odds in the table and chart below.  

TeamProbability of CS
Sheffield39.43 %
Spurs37.73 %
Man United36.43 %
Chelsea35.29 %
Man City34.31 %
West Brom30.23 %
Crystal Palace29.90 %
Leeds29.09 %
Leicester29.09 %
Brighton28.56 %
Wolves28.03 %
Liverpool26.98 %
Burnley26.24 %
Fulham23.65 %
Newcastle14.68 %
Aston Villa13.83 %
Everton13.15 %
West Ham13.02 %
Southampton9.85 %
Arsenal7.24 %

Surprisingly, there is no top six team at the top of the table, and bookmakers assigned highest probability to Sheffield United to keep a clean sheet. However, it is probability lower than 40 %. Usually, we see at the top of the table teams with probability higher than 40 %, sometimes even more than 50 %.

This only proves that it is extremely hard to predict in which games we will see clean sheets in GW5 even for bookmakers. Spurs, Man United and Chelsea have solid chance for keeping a clean sheet in the upcoming gameweek, too 

Clean sheet odds GW5 Fantasy Premier League

Expected number of clean sheets based on odds

There is a massive decrease in the expected number of clean sheets. Bookmakers expect that we will see only 5,06 clean sheets in the next round of the Fantasy Premier League.

In comparison with expectations from previous gameweeks, this number is much lower. For example, in 2019/20 Premier League campaign we saw 5.45 clean sheet per gameweek 

In conclusion

Based on bookies odds, in GW5 there is no standout fixture where we could expect a clean sheet. Probabilities are lower than usual and expected count of clean sheet is much lower than we are used to.

It means, that bookies are expecting high scoring gameweek 5. So, if you have some benching headache, probably just bench your defenders and play 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 formation in GW5 of FPL.