Fifa World Cup 2022 Fantasy Football is live!

The moment fantasy football managers have been waiting for happened: Fifa World Cup 2022 Fantasy launched today! The World Cup 2022 is still more than two weeks away, but now we can start to analyze data and prepare our fantasy teams. Where can you sign up? You can start picking your team on the official website […]

World Cup 2022 Fantasy: Group A Analysis

Our analysis of Group A with top scorers for each team from World Cup 2022 Qualification. Hopefully, it will help you pick the right players for your Fantasy World Cup Matchday 1 team! Group A Teams: Netherlands, Senegal, Ecuador, Qatar Probabilities of winning the group Probabilities of winning group A according to bookies odds. Our […]

When will Fantasy World Cup 2022 start?

In 2022, fantasy football enthusiasts can look forward to another competition: World Cup 2022 Fantasy Football. But it is not going to be in the summer, as usual, but during winter.  Let’s look at what we know about this fantasy football tournament and when it will likely start. When will Fifa World Cup 2022 start? […]